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SQLBatch Runner 1.5.2 released!


We are happy to announce the availability of SQLBatch Runner 1.5.2!


SQLBatch Runner 1.5.1 released!


SQLBatch Runner is a SQL Server DBA tool for running multiple SQL files on multiple databases. We have used it for several years in organization internally since 2008. Now, we decide to publish it to all users as a shareware. We hope that DBAs would enjoy using it and improve efficiency.

Why we want to develop such a software?

Several years ago, we managed more than 100 SQL Server databases. It was a big problem for us to run SQL files on all the databases. Obviously, it took a long time and would be a hard work, and we must do it very carefully.

We decided to develop a tool which can improve efficiency and help us. So SQLBatch Runner 1.0 was born in 2008. From then on, we save times and greatly improve efficiency. In this year, we refactored the software, replaced new UI, and published it to all users.

What’s the feature of SQLBatch Runner?

1. Simple. You could run SQL files with only three steps.
(1) Add instances and databases.
(2) Add SQL files you want to run.
(3) Run it.
You may complete almost all operations with mouse only.

2. Transaction protection. If a SQL file raises errors, we hope it could rollback automatically, so that the data wouldn’t be in mess and DBAs can find out the reason. By default, SQLBatch Runner add transaction protection to every SQL file to try to protect data.

3. Results exportation. SQLBatch Runner can receive datasets returned from databases, and you can export them to Excel files easily.

What’s the price of SQLBatch Runner?

It’s USD$99 or EUR€89.
Licenses issued for the software is a single computer usage license. The user purchases one license to use the software on one computer. A user who purchased a license, is granted a non-exclusive right to use the software on as many computers as defined by the licensing terms above according to the number of licenses purchased, for any legal purpose.